The Deep Dig — 2013 NFL Mock Draft

After careful effort of perusing team needs and draft prospects, this is my only mock for the 2013 NFL Draft. As usual it does include trades and the occasional surprise pick. This is my version of how it will play out. 1) Kansas City Chiefs: ERIC FISHER OT, Central Michigan 2) Jacksonville Jaguars: DION JORDAN … Continue reading

Tom Brady: Patriots “Yes Man” To Extension

The definition of Patriot means: a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. Replace country with the word team and you have quarterback Tom Brady. Never have I witnessed a better version of a NFL “company man” than Tom Terrific. The future hall of famer reportdely signed … Continue reading

Can’t Win a Super Bowl with a Managing Quarterback

“Flip a coin and keep flipping it. What are the odds? Half the time it will come up heads, half the time tails. But in that one freakish chance in a million, the coin will land on its edge.” Rod Sterling I took the previous from the famed TV icon as it best illustrates what would need to happen … Continue reading